Accompaniment of processes for strategy & transitions, programme development and learning for innovation

Project description

Hivos is an International humanist NGO, working to innovate for social change with progressive groups around the world. Hivos humanist essence includes a strong stance for the right to self-determination, freedom of expression, and people powered institutions and democracies. Vintage themes include the global quest for sexual diversity, women´s rights and democratic innovation.

I have had a love affair with Hivos since I was employed in their knowledge programme on civic activism (from 2009-2013).  I formally left in 2013, and I´ve always stayed since, working as an associate and advisor of the executive board on strategy, innovation and learning.

As a strong believer of humanist values, I strongly support Hivos mission and role in the world, especially in a time where many of the countries that Hivos works in suffer from conservative backlashes against women´s rights, democracy and diversity.

Since 2008 or so, Hivos has been on a journey to spread its wings beyond the Dutch development sector – less dependent on dutch government funding, a stronger profile on its edgy track record to support progressive frontrunners, back activists challenging the status que and to bring different groups together around creative solutions for systemic social change.


An overview of Assignments I´ve worked on:


Strategy & partnership development


  • Support with the executive board and the supervisory council to develop a 5 year strategic compass, that sets Hivos up for more strategic partnerships and stronger southern ownership
  • Facilitate strategy & planning retreats of the international management team
  • Facilitation and brokering of partnership exploration between Hivos and Cordaid


Programme development

  • Support the development of a new ´Power-of-Voices´ programme for a partnership renewal with the ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Facilitated various learning processes among Hivos-led programmes such as the Stop-Child-Labour coalition, and programmes to support the rights of domestic workers in the MENA region.
  • Supported the development and inception of the Making all Voices Count programme.
  • Facilitated bootcamps, accelerators and social safari´s with Hivos staff and partners to spur programme and coalition development, in Indonesia, South Africa, Tanzania, Costa Rica and Europe

Innovation Lab support