Stepping up as ONE FOUR PAWS



FOUR PAWS is one a fast growing animal welfare organizations with ambitious plans to enlarge its systemic impact for animal welfare around the world.  To this end, the organization launched a new global strategic framework that demand all departments and entities across the globe to raise their game, in terms of  their programmatic work, the quality of collaboration and personal leadership.

Read more about Four PAWS and their new strategy here

Since January 2020 I accompany Four PAWS global leadership team to drive these ambitions plans. Working with the the office of the Chief Development Office, I support the following processes

  1. Design and facilitation of regular global leadership gatherings (this year primarily online) with focus on leadershipp development and  the nurturing of a high trust collaborative culture
  2. Support to the operationalization of the new global strategiy, including the development of implementation road maps, key strategic actions and the development of key indicators
  3. Support efforts to develop a align global fundraising and communication efforts into a state of the art engagement department that drives the growth of FOUR PAWS base of funders and supporters.
  4. Support to various specific organisation development efforts, including the introduction of design based methods for agile innovation, a new growth strategy for Animals in Crisis and the efforts to scale up digitalization and data thinking.

Developmental coaching

During the second half of the year, we teamed up with the FOUR PAWS´ OD team to conduct start offering individual development coaching to a select group of members of the senior leadership team. Results to date have led to a decision to expand coaching support to FOUR PAWS´ full top 25 managers in 2021.