I am a certified integral facilitator and integral master coach with an insatiable curiosity about the mystery and potential of developmental work.

I bring over two decades of civil society experience to my coaching and facilitation practice.

My professional journey has taken me from my native city of Rotterdam to Bangadesh, India and Mozambique, working in various advisory and leadership positions for international NGOs and their networks of partners. I also ventured out into the field of academia and innovation labs working on strategies for social and environmental justice.

Now based in Austria, I continue to support civic leaders and organizations across the world, together with a small group of integral coaches and facilitators. With our companionship, we aspire to offer a blend of coaching, facilitation and consulting that is uniquely tailored to specific developmental edges and context.

I am also a proud contributor, associate facilitator, and trainer in the global Spring Strategies community.

When not at work, I love to play in nature, together with my partner Barbara and  our three sons.